Top 5 Sandwich Places

5. Subway
OK, there’s really nothing that great about Subway, but at least you know what you’re getting. But really, Subway’s only worth going to if the following four places are all closed!
4. D. Brian’s
Notable for “Downtown’s Largest Half Sandwich”… only newbies and true chumps order the $1.50 extra full sandwich, as the “half” is really just full-size bread with one edge of the crust cut off! The service can be apathetic and/or tyrannical… but it can be worth it.
3. Quizno’s
They may be overpriced, but… “THEY GOT A PEPPER BAR!!!!” Enough said.
2. Jimmy John’s
Alas, poor Jimmy John’s. Bumped from your all-too-brief (but, in its time, rock-solid) position at #1 by…
1. Potbelly Sandwich Works
Even though SLP habitually refers to it as “Pork Barrel,” it is in fact the best and cheapest sandwich around. My favorite is the “Wreck,” and hot peppers are a must! And be sure to keep your eyes open for live music being performed in the “hay loft.”