Mellotronic is now available on INDISTR! Sort of…

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of my new EP, the one I’ve been talking about for the past several blog posts… Mellotronic: Far Out Sounds! (And Other Space-Age Hyperbole). Yay! (Ugh, is that really, really how it’s spelled now? Really?)

But… well… Houston, we have a problem. (Sorry, had to say it, what with the “Lunar Landing” track and all.) I noticed when I was uploading my tracks that, for some reason, the title track always showed up with a running time of 0:00, instead of the correct time of 4:44. The other songs show up fine, but no matter how many times I tried uploading “Mellotronic,” it always came up as 0:00. But when I played the sample in the account area, it worked fine, so I figured, we’re good to go.

Not so fast. I just went onto the actual page where visitors see and purchase the album, clicked the button to listen to the clip and… what the hell??? It’s not my song, but the Three’s Company theme song. Three’s Company!!!

Hmm… well, OK, are there any brave souls out there willing to shell out a buck and see what you get when you actually buy the song? (I guess I should just contact their tech support, but this is getting kind of fun… I’m curious what’ll happen next.)

If it’s good enough for Radiohead, it’s good enough for me

Name Your Own PriceIn the wake of the RPM Challenge, I’ve stepped up the presence of my solo music online, most notably making all of my recent music available as a paid download on INDISTR.

Initially I had assigned prices to the albums, but INDISTR has recently added a new feature, “Name Your Own Price.” Well, that works for me. Even if you only pay $1 (the minimum) for my albums, I still make about as much off the sale as most signed musicians make when you buy their CDs for $19.99 at Sam Goody.

So, in short, Sam Goody can suck it. But that’s not really the point. The point is that I want you to download my music! You can listen to it for free here, and then head on over to INDISTR to download it for whatever price you feel is fair. If you want. Or you can suck it too.

Just kidding. Buy my music!