McDonald’s… how much lamer can you get?

Mayor McCheese is rolling over in his grave.

The Golden Arches have been the source of plenty of lame ideas over the years — from the McDLT to the Arch Deluxe (“America’s favorite new burger”) to… well, whatever crappy new menu items they’ve come up with lately.

But even worse than any of their food, I think their new marketing campaign has to be the lamest thing they’ve ever thought up. Yes, even worse than “I’m lovin’ it.” (BAH-dup-bup-BAH-BAAAH! Proving the marketing axiom that it can be annoying as hell, as long as it sticks in your brain. But I digress.)

“Let us add the cream and sugar”?

Wow. Is that the best you can come up with? Really? It’s so lame, I can’t even think of anything non-lame to write about it!