This gives “scare quotes” a whole new meaning…

Once SLP and I get a taste for the classic Thanksgiving dinner, we just can’t get enough. We often make a turkey in late October/early November in preparation for Thanksgiving, and often within a day or two of eating the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, we get another turkey and do it all over again.

Such was the case today. However, even though Thanksgiving was just three days ago, fresh turkeys are already hard to come by. I was at a local Cub Foods today and found several packaged fresh turkey halves, presumably cut up from the large stock of fresh Thanksgiving turkeys that went unsold.

But… when I got home, there was something about the label on the package that really did put the “scare” in “scare quotes“:

“Fresh” Turkey Half


The last Thanksgiving dinner you’ll ever host…

…might just include some of these foodstuffs. And I use the term loosely.

Yes, you can have your entire Thanksgiving dinner in soda form.

Update (November 26, 2006): Although I missed getting them in time for Thanksgiving, I picked up two packages of the Jones holiday soda at Target yesterday. I’m saving one pack for my parents at Christmas, but I’ll be bringing the other pack to work tomorrow to test on my coworkers. Stay tuned for more info…