Taco Town

This is a couple years old now (I think… seems like it, anyway), but it’s one of my SNL favorites. You can’t beat the line, “Pizza! Now that’s what I call a taco!”

I also just wanted to see how well embedding videos from Hulu works.

I wish these video sites would start including wmode="transparent" in their embed code so I wouldn’t have to type it every time. (It needs to be there for the video to go behind my navigation bar when you scroll the page.)

Greg is not an alien

I don’t think this skit from last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live will necessarily enter the canon of all-time classics, like John Belushi’s Little Chocolate Donuts commercial, or the Christopher Walken/Will Ferrell “more cowbell” mock-rockumentary. Dwayne Johnson’s delivery was uneven at best. But what can I say? I’m a Bill Hader fan, and this is definitely one of his finest moments.

Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann

I like Keith Olbermann, but I can recognize how over-the-top he is. He’s not quite as unpleasantly antagonistic towards the right as Bill Maher, but he sometimes comes close.

Ben Affleck did a pretty good skewering of him last night on SNL, culminating in an absolutely brilliant “Special Comment” in defense of… “Miss Precious Perfect.” Watch…

Now, I just wish they’d post the Giraffes video by the Staten Island Technical High School A/V club.

I will miss one thing about Sarah Palin…

…when she retreats back into the relative obscurity of the governor’s mansion in Juneau. And that’s Tina Fey’s impersonations on Saturday Night Live. Even the governor herself enjoys them… at least with the sound turned down.

As I was watching the vice presidential debate last week I was already thinking ahead to the skit that would inevitably be on SNL in two days. I didn’t get to watch it live but I just watched it online and it’s probably the most I’ve laughed out loud at anything on the show since “Dick in a Box.” Let’s give some credit to Jason Sudeikis; his McCain-loving, Scranton-detesting Joe Biden was on par with Tina Fey for laughs. I’m just glad I wasn’t the only one who had contemplated a “maverick” drinking game.

(I had to strip out NBC’s Internet Explorer conditional comments to get the video to show up in Safari. I could probably have taken the time to fix their code properly so it will work in all 3 major browsers but, well, I don’t really care about IE. But if you’re stuck with it, here’s a link to the video on NBC’s site.)