Site girth expansion

I’ve just finished a modification to the site design. I was starting to feel a bit too confined by the narrowness of the old layout, so I’ve basically kept things intact design-wise, but I’ve expanded the layout to be more suitable to today’s 1024×768-or-greater standard screen resolution. I’ve also bumped up the size of the type slightly.

The only design element that’s noticeably different is the little greenish weirdness at the right end of the photos in the header bar. This was something I spent a great deal of time developing for an old, shortlived design that was part of my quickly-abandoned experiment with running the site on Drupal. I may end up getting rid of it again; I just thought it deserved a second chance.

Now then, if you’ve actually visited this site sometime before, you may find the pages are looking somewhat garbled; sadly that’s the side effect of keeping a lot of the filenames the same; your browser likely has old versions of these files cached. Hit the Refresh button a few times or perhaps clear your cache. I did the Refresh thing, but I had to hit it about 4 times before all of the files actually updated. Sheesh, you’d think I was using a Microsoft product or something, not Firefox!

Yet another redesign

Yes, it’s another in the long, unending series of new site redesigns. Now I’m going for a retro ’50s look, somewhat reminiscent of the Blue Note album covers of the late ’50s and early ’60s by graphic artist Reid Miles.

The layout still needs some tweaks… a few visual elements are a little wonky and/or bland, some images with transparent backgrounds need to be re-matted, a few stylesheet elements are still set up for the old layout, and a few pages aren’t filling the window like they should (still don’t know what that’s all about).

Anyway, a new look. Enjoy. Or not.