Blogging pro tip #2,749


I’ve inadvertently taught myself an important lesson about blogging this week: Never publish “part one” of a multi-part blog post until you have “part two” almost finished.

Three days ago I posted Practical responsive web design, part one fully expecting to write and post “part two” later that day or sometime the next. At this point I still haven’t even begun to write it, and it’s looming over my head.

I’ve blocked out my whole calendar next week though, so maybe I’ll get it done. (You know, like there’s no other work to do.)

Blog redesign


The new design is here! About a week ago I revealed on Tumblr that I was working on a new logo for the blog. And now I’ve mustered the energy to do the bare minimum to my CSS to implement what can be called a “redesign.” Enjoy!

Where’ve I been?


It’s been nearly a month since my last blog post. What happened?

Well, this happened:

That would be the reception area at the front of the new Room 34 Creative Services studio. The business has moved out of my house and into a real storefront space. It’s been a lot of work (plus, I’ve had a lot of work to do anyway), so the blog has suffered. Never fear, I’m still here!

More to come…