Two critical reads for anyone who’s planning to vote (and even moreso for those who aren’t!)

I just read a couple of great articles on Alternet. Now before you (as a McCain supporter) go dismissing Alternet as liberal fringe media, I would ask you to just carefully read the following two articles.

First, a roundup of excerpts from newspapers and news magazines around the country calling the McCain/Palin campaign to task for some of the egregious lies they’ve been perpetuating lately, both against Obama and for themselves.

And second, a very well-thought-out article debunking conservative myths about national security. This brilliant article shows us what’s wrong with our current administration’s clumsy assumptions about the threat of Islamic terrorism, and also points out the things we should be worried about, but aren’t. (Or at least, aren’t worried enough about.)

I think I may need to gouge my eyes out

So I stop reading crap like this or this.

My God people, come on! How is this even a contest? What the hell is wrong here? AAAAARRRGGH!!!!

I never would have made it on the debate team.

But as long as we’re on the topic, I just wanted to give a shout out to Jw and suggest that if you’re considering making a donation to the Obama campaign, you do so by saying “Make Mine Barack.” I would have, but I just made a donation directly to the campaign yesterday hours before he tipped me off to this.