Network Solutions: You’ve spoken. We’ve listened. We’re just idiots.

OK OK, Network Solutions. Don’t get your nsUndies* in a bunch. (*You’ll get that joke in a minute.) I’m still a diehard Network Solutions supporter, recommending all of my clients go with you instead of the sleazy likes of GoDaddy, despite your considerably higher prices. (My argument is, if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars on a website project, why not spend an extra $25 on a better domain registrar?)

Anyway… just because I recommend you, doesn’t mean I will refrain from criticizing this: today I logged into my Network Solutions account to make some changes to my own DNS configuration, and I was confronted with the following ghastly announcement…

Network Solutions has listened, apparently.

What? Someone actually told you “I don’t understand what ‘Web Site’ means. Can you please call it something more obvious? Like, maybe, ‘nsBusinessSpace’? Yeah, that would be great.” Well, OK, maybe someone like Bill Lumbergh would think that. But he’s not really human.

I’ve seen something like this before, though. In fact, I’ve blogged about it before. But with Microsoft, it almost, just barely, managed to seem like they were in on the joke.