RegisTrap 0.4 released

Luckily the bug in RegisTrap I discovered yesterday after upgrading to WordPress 2.7 turned out to be a very minor one. I just had to move the return $errors; line outside of a conditional in my function to ensure that it’s always returned, even if no error value was set. In the previous version of WordPress, it didn’t matter that if there were no errors the function was returning… well, nothing… but in the new version it seems you can’t apply an error handling filter without returning a WP_Error object.

Anyway… it works now, and you can download version 0.4 right now from my site. I’ve also checked it into the main WordPress Subversion repository, so it should be showing up on the official site sometime fairly soon. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Jenny for happening to try registering for the site within about 8 hours after I had upgraded, and bringing the problem to my attention. Otherwise I might have gone days or weeks without knowing the plugin was broken!

It’s definitely still necessary though, because in about a day of running my site without the plugin I had already received over a half dozen spam registrations.