WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” is out!

WordPressThe latest version (2.7) of WordPress, codenamed “Coltrane,” has just been released, and it looks like a winner!

I have obvious reasons for liking this version of WordPress for its codename alone, but I am also extremely impressed with the new enhancements to the Dashboard. It is a delight to use (design counts, both aesthetically and practically), and upgrading was seamless.

Well, almost.

I found out today that RegisTrap, my registration spam-busting plug-in, is broken in this new version. Broken as in it makes your registration form not work. So, if you happen to be one of the five or six other people in the known universe who are using it, and you upgrade to WP 2.7, you’ll want to deactivate the plug-in until I can update it. (For now I am just going to run the site without it and see if registration spam is even a problem anymore with this version.)

Overall though, more outstanding work from the WordPress dev team! Kudos!

Update, about 24 hours later: In the day (roughly) since I upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and deactivated RegisTrap, I’ve already received a half dozen spam registrations. I can’t possibly be unique in this, and my site doesn’t even draw very heavy traffic. How can the WordPress core team not be doing something about this problem? I’m kind of in disbelief, but I guess it just means I need to get to work on updating RegisTrap for WP 2.7 compatibility. I hope to get on that by next week.