Some perspective on Gutenberg

Today I had to do some work on a client’s site that I didn’t build but have ended up maintaining, which is built from an amalgam of multiple “page builder” plugins, but most prominently, WP Bakery.

I was just explaining to my wife (who is not a developer but who uses WordPress, both Classic Editor and Gutenberg/Block Editor, extensively) what it’s like to use WP Bakery:

“Imagine the most annoying aspects of Gutenberg that you find the most annoying*, then imagine something ten times clunkier, a hundred times uglier, and a thousand times less intuitive. That’s WP Bakery.”


*Yes I really did, deliberately, say it that redundantly.

A Compendium of Spam Sender Pseudonyms

With my departure from Atlanta and the slow death-by-stagnation of the Forced Enthusiasm Log, I wondered if I’d ever find a worthy successor topic, and now I have.

Unfortunately, it has taken many months for me to fully awaken to the currently emerging art form of bizarre spam sender names. So my spam memory hole has consumed countless gems of sublime algorithmic syntactic mangling. But it’s not too late.

I could attempt further witty half-explanations of why I am doing this, but really… you’re just here for the crazy-ass names. So here we go. Be sure to check back periodically, as I have made it my life’s mission to keep a log here of every goofy spam sender name I receive from this day forth.

Decal H. Rifled
Burly S. Muskellunge
Unanticipated H. Genesis
Brilliants G. Tony
Elating K. Fishery
Freestyle K. Marcella
Gavotte L. Festivity
Gabriel C. Platinum
Wedge B. Radon
Faceless Q. Hogged
Adumbration V. Drool
Careen J. Feinting
Loxing E. Bowie
Basted P. Barrymore
Roves K. Aside
Pediatrician R. Speaking
Maternity L. Crocuses
Compassion G. Endlessness
Shithole B. Brain
Phlox E. Angiosperm
Corneal D. Abase
Spectroscope K. Wearer
Ford V. Refuelling
Dicta T. Gerrymandered
Splints P. Twitch
Revolvers C. Wryly
Jail K. Steak
Crone U. Tops
Pickings K. Profanes
Unwarier J. Bacterium
Minimum F. Perjurer
Slice A. Rudimentary
Seraph O. Szechuan
Stir T. Metropolises
Graybeards J. Imprecise
Paunched E. Cinchona
Nicks V. Beatified
Runoffs B. Tie
Rebus H. Indira
Asps O. Apartments
Guinness E. Bung
Aggravates C. Severely
Briskly C. Lagrangian
Mystery O. Brawls
Amoco V. Commentate
Sunburnt T. Mamie
Diction J. Northerly
Stratifies J. Sing
Plutocracy K. Specious
Manifolding G. Underlie
Insulated H. Couriers
Forget U. Columned
Outstays H. Canopy
Thinker U. Overlap
Shower K. Czar
Medieval V. Smelled
Griddlecake K. Catafalque
Successful F. Disrespectfully
Sluicing T. Undercurrent
Bluntness B. Researched
Excalibur G. Snowshed
Striated T. Steamroller
Slyer J. Redeployment
Unison G. Surliness
Museums C. Holder
Smitten P. Unlikelier