I’m Thirsty

It’s funny… you can go on indefinitely, drinking thoroughly safe and adequately pleasant-tasting tap water, never questioning its quality, and then all of a sudden, one day, you decide you want bottled water.

From that moment forward, it’s as if 6 molar hydrochloric acid flowed from the tap. It’ll kill you! Dissolve your esophagus! Eat away your stomach lining!

Pheh… well, it’s ridiculous, but it happens. So now I am thirsty, the week’s supply of bottled water expended, and it’s 27 minutes since the market downstairs closed. What am I to do? I need water! Sweet elixir of life!

Oh yeah…

Update: Since I posted this, my ongoing music library project (which is what’s keeping me up to 1 AM and beyond tonight) is still underway, and I’ve broken down and resorted to drinking a can of Diet Sprite. What can I say? I was obeying my thirst.

I’m a tool.