When I die, bury me at Walmart…

An enjoyable but otherwise relatively uneventful trip to the Minnesota State Fair today was jarringly disrupted near its conclusion when I spotted a 70-something man wearing a gray t-shirt featuring a cartoon of a 70-something man and, in very large cartoon block text, read:

When I die, bury me at Walmart so my wife will visit me often.

Wow. Where do I begin?

I guess most of my initial reactions probably do not even bear mentioning here. Suffice to say, I was appalled at all levels. But I was even more deeply disturbed by what I found when, unable to suppress my curiosity, I googled the phrase. For the love of God there’s even a song about it. I didn’t bother listening to enough of it to be able to tell if it’s a joke. Well, obviously it’s a joke, but I didn’t listen long enough to determine what kind. But judging by the brain ache the hosting site gave me, it’s not one I’d appreciate anyway.

Ultimately, they could come up with the coolest new logo on the planet, but it’s going to be tough to shake their old image.