The new CDs are here! The new CDs are here!!!

OK, I hope it’s not as pathetic as Navin Johnson, but UPS just delivered my new order of CDs from Kunaki. I ordered five more copies of ÷0, three more copies of Unnatural Disasters, plus twelve copies of my latest, Mellotronic: Far Out Sounds! (And Other Space-Age Hyperbole).

I have to say, Mellotronic turned out pretty well. I’m really proud of the design on this one.

Granted, this is probably four, two, and eleven copies, respectively, more than I’ll ever actually need but, you know, positive thinking. (And right now there are more commas in that sentence than potential buyers of my music. No, Scott… think positive[ly].)

The upshot is that now you have an additional option for purchasing these albums (since I know you want to! [positive])… you can order the CDs from Kunaki, download them (some of them, anyway), or you can buy them directly from me, if you happen to be within a several-foot radius of where I currently am.