A slow-motion apocalypse

I could be talking about any number of current events with a title like that, but in this case I’m referring to last September’s “SSL Apocalypse” that came due to the expiration of an X3 root certificate used by Let’s Encrypt when connecting to really old client OSes. (Not that users think their computers/devices are really old, but in Internet terms, they are.)

Now, over six months later, I am still sporadically dealing with this issue. I was responding this morning to a client about the issue, and I wanted to email her a link to the blog post I remembered writing on the day it happened. But, maddeningly, I could not find it anywhere here.

That’s when I remembered, I actually have two blogs.

So, in a simultaneous act of self-promotion and, uh, self-reminding, here’s a link to that post on my other blog, on the site for my WordPress plugin ICS Calendar:

Unexpected Side Effects of the Let’s Encrypt Apocalypse

There we go. Now you know about ICS Calendar, and I won’t think I’m losing my mind when I come back here in another six months and can’t figure out where the heck this blog post went!