Room 34 Sputters Back to Life…

PostNuke is out the window. I’m back to my old ways… PHP-based display pages and entering my content directly into the database, by way of phpMyAdmin.

Most of the Can of Worms articles (at least, the decent ones) are moved over now, and almost all are displaying correctly. The rest of the stuff is on its way.

My biggest problem right now is remembering that these files end with “.php” instead of “.asp” (and it saddens me that the latter is my brain’s default file extension [and if you actually get that you’re as big of a dork as me {and the only reason I created what is now a triple-parenthetical aside was just so I wouldn’t have to do the grammatically-correct but logically-weird period inside the quotes, or the logical but incorrect period outside the quotes… but now I am on a mission to make this the most ridiculously excessive parenthetical ramble in my illustrious career of writing rambling parenthetical asides}]).

Now where was I?

I forget. Anyway… the site is back, and ongoing changes will be… ongoing. Enjoy.