ST:TNG Treadmill Reviews #52 and #53: Night Terrors and Identity Crisis

I’ve been getting a bit off track with both my running and my reviews, so here’s a catch-up post.

I skipped S4E16, Galaxy’s Child, because… well… “As Geordi La Forge finally meets the real Dr. Leah Brahms, a tragic first contact leaves the Enterprise with a gigantic galactic infant suckling the ship’s energy” sounds excruciating. I already endured an episode with Geordi fawning over a holographic simulation of Dr. Leah Brahms, and if I recall correctly this episode has an awkward moment where the real life Dr. Brahms discovers Geordi’s holoprogram. And “a gigantic galactic infant suckling” is just too much. So we move on…


Night Terrors
Season 4 Episode 17
Original airdate: March 16, 1991

Netflix Synopsis

The Enterprise has finally tracked down the missing starship USS Brattain, but Troi senses trouble with the life on board.

My Brief Review

No one on board is dreaming except Troi, who has a recurring nightmare of floating in a green void with the binary stars they’re orbiting floating far above her (yet she somehow can’t figure out that that’s what they are). An alien voice keeps saying “Two eyes in the darkness. One moon circles.” After a couple of weeks they finally figure out that some aliens are trapped just like they are, and are telepathically asking for hydrogen so they can set off an explosion to free everyone. It works. The end.

Memorable Moment

When they finally figure out the hydrogen thing.

Crew Rando

Fightin’ Ensign Gillespie. Chill out, dude!

Distance Rating: 3K

IMDb score: 7.2/10


Identity Crisis
Season 4 Episode 18
Original airdate: March 23, 1991

Netflix Synopsis

La Forge’s friend Leijten expresses concern about the whereabouts of their former crewmates. Soon both begin suffering worrisome ailments.

My Brief Review

For some reason this episode gets an extremely middling review from IMDbers, but it’s one of my most memorable. I didn’t recognize it from the synopsis, but within 5 seconds, I knew it immediately! The one where Geordi recreates a mission log video on the holodeck and discovers the shadow of an unexplained figure. I love that moment. Eventually Geordi, like the others who had been on that mission 5 years earlier, begins to transform into a weird alien species that blends into its environment, acts solely on instinct, and glows like a Tron character in UV light. But his friend talks him off the metaphorical ledge before his transformation is complete, and we get our old friend Geordi back!

Memorable Moment

That moment.

Crew Rando

Honestly, Lt. Cdr. Leijten is kind of a rando even though she’s one of the main characters in the episode, because although we’re told what her relevance to the story is, I don’t think we’re actually told how she ends up on the Enterprise for this episode. Oops.

Distance Rating:

IMDb score: 6.8/10