ST:TNG Treadmill Review #34: The Most Toys

The Most Toys
Season 3 Episode 22
Original airdate: May 5, 1990

Netflix Synopsis

After the crew transports a dangerous material to the Enterprise, a collector carries out an intricate plan to kidnap Data.

My Brief Review

Once again I’ve skipped an episode… specifically, the one that introduces pathologically shy, Holodeck-obsessed Lt. Barclay (“Broccoli”). Barclay plays a fairly significant role later in Voyager but I really do not care for him and I know that episode annoyed the crap out of me even when I was 16, so… no thanks.

This episode, on the other hand, is another great feature for Data. Trader and collector (also thief) Kivas Fajo, played excellently by the great character actor Saul Rubinek, tricks Enterprise into believing Data has been destroyed in a shuttlecraft explosion. In fact, Fajo has kidnapped Data for his collection, which includes, among other things, Dali’s Persistence of Memory, a one-of-a-kind Roger Maris baseball card, and the sole surviving member of an alien species that looks like a cross between a cobra and a cat, with giant compound eyes like a housefly. It’s quite a pet. And Data is the ultimate prize of his collection.

Meanwhile back on Enterprise, Geordi thinks something is up, and won’t give up trying to make sense of what happened to Data, while Worf awkwardly accepts another promotion in the wake of the death of a crew mate.

Data plays dumb for a friend Fajo is trying to impress, then plots an escape with one of Fajo’s lieutenants after she realizes Fajo is willing to kill her just to make Data sit in the chair.

The escape is foiled, Fajo uses his illegal disruptor — well, one of the four he owns — on her, and Data is — gasp! — just beginning to fire the same deadly weapon on Fajo when Enterprise returns and beams him aboard.

Memorable Moment

One scene in the collection room begins with us looking at Data, who is looking up curiously, attempting a strange half smile… then we see what he’s looking at: the original Mona Lisa, another prize of Fajo’s collection.

Crew Rando

Well, that would have to be the ensign who anonymously assumes Worf’s security post after Worf is promoted to ops. How does it feel to Worf to know that it was a big effin’ deal for Picard to decide to promote him to Data’s post, yet he hastily filled Worf’s own post with some nobody?

Distance Rating: 3K

IMDb score: 7.7/10