ST:TNG Treadmill Review #22: The Price

The Price
Season 3 Episode 8
Original airdate: November 11, 1989

Netflix Synopsis

While the Enterprise hosts negotiations for control of a stable wormhole, Troi forms a personal relationship with an opposing negotiator.

My Brief Review

I was prepared to turn this episode off 10 seconds into the cold open. Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed the episode, despite its focus both on Deanna Troi’s love life and a particularly annoying trio of Ferengi. It helped that 2/3 of that trio ended up trapped in the Delta Quadrant on the other side of an unstable wormhole, and that Troi recognized what a smarmy sleaze ball the guy was and sent him packing.

Memorable Moment

The looks on the Ferengi’s faces when they realize the wormhole has closed, leaving them trapped…


Crew Rando

I’m at a bit of a loss on this one… but checking IMDb I see once again backflip master Crewman Martinez made an uncredited appearance. I think he may have been seen momentarily in sickbay, helping Dr. Crusher attend to the poisoned Federation negotiator, Mr. Mendoza.

Distance Rating: 3K

IMDb score: 6.3/10