ST:TNG Treadmill Review #14: They ended the season with a goddamn CLIP SHOW

Shades of Gray
Season 2 Episode 22
Original airdate: July 15, 1989

Netflix Synopsis

Who cares, it’s a damn clip show.

My Brief Review

It’s a goddamn CLIP SHOW.

I skipped the previous episode because it featured the Ferengi. The goddamn Ferengi. This is the final episode of the season, and what… it’s a CLIP SHOW?! Riker is in a coma with an infection he picked up on an alien planet, so the majority of the episode is random clips from the first two seasons that he’s supposedly dreaming while in said coma.

What. The. Hell.

I can’t believe this show lasted beyond this moment.

To be fair, according to IMDb, they resorted to making this clip show either or both a) because the outstanding Q Who episode from earlier in the season had gone way over budget, or b) there was a writers’ strike. Q Who was good enough that they probably should have just ended the season right there.

Memorable Moment

All of the moments I already remembered from previous episodes.

Crew Rando

Who cares.

Distance Rating: 3K*

*With all of these reviews, I rate it by the distance I run on the treadmill. Then I continue to walk on the treadmill to watch the rest of the episode. This is the first one where I stopped and turned it off.
IMDb score: 3.4/10

Here’s hoping things pick up with season 3. I’ll find out tomorrow. I honestly don’t remember this show being so terrible.