ST:TNG Treadmill Review #10: Q Who

Q Who
Season 2 Episode 16
Original airdate: May 6, 1989

Netflix Synopsis

Q tries to prove that Capt. Picard needs him on the crew by hurling the Enterprise 7,000 light years away, where they first encounter the Borg.

My Brief Review

Here we GO. This may not be the absolute best episode of TNG, but it is unquestionably one of the most pivotal. This is our introduction to the Borg. Q of course is involved, and this is also where we learn that Q and Guinan know each other (and not on friendly terms). Q manages to “Q” it up without being too annoying (unlike the episode in season 1 where he tried to recruit Riker to join the Q Continuum), the Borg conceptually are still a bit rough around the edges, and all of the core crew play meaningful roles in the progression of the story. I actually ran for the entire episode this time, a first for these reviews.

Memorable Moment

For me the most chilling moment with the Borg is when we first learn how they relentlessly adapt: a drone beams aboard the Enterprise and begins scanning the computer. After first trying to stun it (to no effect), Worf is given permission to set his phaser to kill. Which it does. But a moment later a second drone beams aboard, and when Worf attempts to shoot it with the same phaser setting, we see that it has adapted its personal shielding to the phaser and is not harmed at all. Then it removes data packs from the dead drone, beams back out, and the dead drone is vaporized. Yikes.

Crew Rando

Talkative Ensign Gomez, newly stationed on the Enterprise, bumps into Captain Picard with a cup of hot chocolate in her hand, leading him to return to his quarters for a change of clothes. It’s at that moment that he’s whisked across space by Q and the entire scenario begins, so in a way… she’s… responsible for the Borg coming after humanity? Perhaps I’m overthinking it.

Distance Rating: 7K

IMDb score: 9.0/10