You can’t hear my latest song

But that’s just because I’ve submitted it for consideration for inclusion in Ramen Music, a new subscription music service — a “zine” I suppose, in late-’90s Internet parlance — that brings independent musicians and artists together in what looks to be a very cool web interface. I’m excited to get the first issue, and even more excited about possibly being a part of it.

Ramen Music is the brainchild of my fellow indie musician and web guy, Sudara Williams, who also created alonetone. It’s a great idea and it looks like it’s got the right kind of support behind it to make it a success artistically, and hopefully as a business venture as well.

As for my song, well, it’s 5 1/2 minutes of upbeat electronica, probably the best track I’ve recorded to date in that style (at least, I think so). It’s called “Sembei,” the Japanese word for a quintessentially Japanese snack food: rice crackers. I’ve gotten addicted to the things — there are some excellent options imported straight from Japan at United Noodles here in Minneapolis — and it just seemed like a good name for a track I’d submit to a project called Ramen Music.

Here’s where I’d say, “Enjoy!” and link to the MP3. But in this case I’ll say… Subscribe! There’s no guarantee at this point that “Sembei” will be included on the first (or any) issue of Ramen Music, but it’s still worth it to support great independent music.