Beep for Breakfast ×2!

Regular reader(s) of this blog will remember my quest last year to acquire a “Beep for Breakfast” cup like the one my grandfather had on his basement sink when I was a kid.

The quest came to a conclusion just under a year ago when an anonymous benefactor (who, it turned out, was one of the regular reader[s] himself) bought one on eBay and sent it to me.

I was thrilled to receive the cup, identical to the one I remembered. I was even more thrilled a couple weeks ago when, while sorting through the mountain of crap I’ve indiscriminately accumulated in my basement, I found the original cup my grandfather had owned — I actually did have it all along!

Beep for Breakfast ×2

I suppose it is now my duty to pass on one of these cups to another nostalgic fool such as myself. But I think I’ll just horde them both, thank you very much.

By the way, Grandpa’s cup is on the left. I have no idea how he kept it so pristine for all those years decades. Oh wait, yes I do. This is the same guy who neatly folded cereal boxes and carefully filed them in the trashcan. His trash was neater than anything in my house.