And so it all comes together. I have had plenty to say in the past regarding both poorly proofread Chinese English and Menards. But when the two join forces, it’s truly awe inspiring, as shown below.

Last weekend Menards was having another of its periodic “15% bag sales.” The idea is, they mail out paper bags (like grocery bags), you bring them into the store, stuff as much into them as you can, and you get 15% off everything in your bag. Not a bad deal. So I took advantage of that opportunity to stock up on some sorely needed hand tools, including a ratchet set.


As I was taking the ratchet set out of its package I noticed, printed on the back, “The Famous Forexer Warranty.”

“Forexer”? Yes. My “pyrchase” is warranted “forexer.” Sweet! Let’s see Home Depot match that!