New Name, Same Old Blather

My loyal reader(s) may have noticed that this blog now has a new name: Underdog of Perfection.

For years I’ve referred to my rambling blog on a scattered assortment of topics as “Blather,” which seemed (and still is) a perfectly suitable name. However, in recent months I’ve branched out and created two new, completely separate, and much more conceptually focused blogs: 52 Coffees and Hall of Prog.

In light of this development, it seemed appropriate that I should come up with a name that gives my original, primary blog a stronger identity. The name I have chosen, as mentioned above, is “Underdog of Perfection.”

So, what does “Underdog of Perfection” mean? I’m not totally sure myself. But I’m a recovering perfectionist (yes, it’s like an addiction), and I almost always root for the underdog, so it all just seemed to fit. The blog has a new subtitle as well: “A blog on technology and geek culture by room34.” And so the transition from the all-too-common meatspace moniker of Scott Anderson to my self-applied online pseudonym room34 is complete.

Future posts on this blog will mostly cover the same territory I’ve been pacing around in for the past seven years: technology (with an emphasis on Apple), video games (with an emphasis on Atari and Nintendo), ’80s nostalgia, and a liberal sprinkling of… uh… liberal politics. Enjoy!