Wheeler Kearns website launches

Wheeler Kearns ArchitectsI usually avoid mixing business and Blather, but I want to make an exception in this case. As of today, the new website for Wheeler Kearns Architects has gone live. Wheeler Kearns is an award-winning Chicago-based architecture firm. I love their clean, geometric designs and the open, welcoming spaces they create. I could spend hours looking through the vast archive of photos, sketches, models and renderings of their projects featured on the site.

But I have a special interest in this website as well, because I developed it. The project consisted of a custom, CakePHP-based CMS with a WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE), extensive tagging and image management tools, and a polished user interface with lots of cool interactivity — fading slideshows, custom scrollbars, sliding navigation menus, etc. — courtesy of jQuery.