Why does this seem like a joke?

FruuppIt was bound to happen eventually, and now it has. Tonight I finally joined Twitter (follow me!). One of my first acts as a Twit (?) was to become a follower of some people I have already been following in more traditional fashions — if blogs and podcasts can be considered “traditional.” And those would be: gruber of Daring Fireball, and scottsimpson, lonelysandwich and hotdogsladies of You Look Nice Today.

I am already a little scared of the power of Twitter. It feels like I’m injecting other people’s thoughts directly into my brain, especially if you are foolish enough to delve into the public timeline. Truly frightening. And a stark reminder that, obscure though you may be, what you do on Twitter is public.

And now then, on to what I’m actually writing about. This tweet from scottsimpson brought to my attention (or to my recollection, as I think I had heard of them before) an obscure early ’70s Irish, as he puts it, “‘hengeprog” rock band named Fruupp.

The unofficial fan site seems suspiciously like an elaborately conceived parody: Spinal Tap, now with more Stonehenge. For a while I was convinced the band had never really existed, until I heard some rare live recordings (warning, it’s MySpace) and found their jaw-droppingly high-priced import CDs on Amazon. So it appears they are were real, after all! Intrigued, I am. (Sorry, been watchin’ a lot of Star Wars lately with the kids.) But not at those prices.

And now, as I drift off into dreamland, I ponder my ability to convey future thoughts within the constraints of 140 characters.