This just in: Hell has frozen over

For once I agree completely with a segment on Fox News. I found this over on Wonkette.

As I mentioned earlier today, I supported Ralph Nader, for a time, in the 2000 election. I’ve pretty much had it with him ever since then. Gore lost Florida by a few hundred votes, and it’s worth noting that in that same election, over 90,000 Floridians voted for Nader. There are plenty of arguments you can make as to what was the turning point in Bush’s “victory” in 2000, but in my mind, this has always been the one: Ralph Nader’s 90,000 votes in Florida. End of story.

Except it’s not the end of the story. For a third-party candidate, Nader actually had a respectable showing nationwide in that election, even buoying interest in the Green Party. But since then he has continued to run ever more irrelevant campaigns, with rapidly dwindling support. Yet he persists, not so much deluded that he might actually win the presidency — he knows he can’t — but deluded that what he’s doing isn’t having a net negative effect on the country.

And then there’s this, the piece from Fox News last night:

Uncle Tom??? Are you kidding me? Ralph, please go away. You have nothing left to contribute to this country.