Two outta three ain’t bad!

Although before long (well, about two years) I wanted nothing more than to get out of there, I have to admit, southern California did have an almost mythical allure. Maybe it was the perfect weather 50 weeks a year… or the close promimity to natural wonders of sea, mountain and desert… or the fact that we lived in a place that people all over the world actually know about, thanks to Hollywood, that just made the place seem important.

At any rate, practically speaking, there was a great triumvirate of businesses throughout “SoCal” that made life seem just a bit more heavenly than anyplace else on Earth. I loved them mostly because of their conspicuous absence back home in Minnesota. But one by one, they’re appearing here in the hinterlands.

First there was IKEA. And it was good.

Today, delight of delights, the second opened for business… Trader Joe’s.

Now, if only we could get In-N-Out Burger to expand east (and, for that matter, north) of Phoenix…