Nu Shooz

Anyone who’s known me offline for any length of time is probably aware of my affinity for Converse All-Stars, better known as “Chuck Taylors” or simply “Chucks”.

I’ve worn them more than any other kind of shoe since I was in high school, and although I had briefly moved away from them in favor of Vans a couple of years ago, it wasn’t long before Chuck beckoned me back.

Lately I’ve been wearing a pair of chocolate brown lowtops, but tonight I was at DSW and discovered a new pair that I immediately fell in love with. I’ve generally stayed with the more “traditional” solid-color designs, avoiding the plaid, camouflage, double-layer and other styles that have more recently appeared. This pair is the first I’ve ever owned that display any deviation from the original style, but I just thought the bronze-ish eyelet rings and gold stitching were too cool, and looked great with the faded black canvas. So I bought them, even though Chucks are now obscenely overpriced. (I remember when they never sold for more than $20, and routinely went for $10, and back then they were made in the USA! Tonight I paid 50 bucks for this pair made in China.) I suppose if I were really true to my ideals I’d have gone for these, especially since they’re currently selling for half the price! Unfortunately they’re clearing these out, and the only ones they have left are also half my size… so, I guess not.

Oh, and just in case you thought I’d neglect to expound upon the reference in the title, think again! (Also, be sure to give a shout if you recognize the coffee cup in the photo…)