Cover art revised

I liked the look of my Anagrammatic Pseudonyms cover art, but I realized it just didn’t look that much like a real publication. The map design was cool, but you’d never get a publication that just had the map like that, with the map part itself full-bleed on the page and no micro-text at the bottom. So this revised design is an attempt to remedy that. I also changed the creases to make it look like a tri-fold. See if you can spot all of the changes from the original!

Anagrammatic Pseudonyms cover (revised)

First RPM track complete (I think)

Anagrammatic Pseudonyms coverI’m never totally sure a song is finished until I’ve had a chance to listen to it several times on different sets of speakers, but I’m liking “Tornado Scents” so far.

This is one of three songs that are fairly far along already, though it’s the first one I’m ready to tentatively call “done.” The others should be to that point within 24 hours and I’ll post them here.

“Tornado Scents” is set to be track 4 on the album. The other two I’m currently working on will be tracks 3 and 5, so when they’re all done, it will be possible to imagine a good solid chunk of the track sequence. I especially like the way the preceding track is going to lead into this.


RPM 2009 is coming…

I’m getting fired up for RPM 2009. This will be my second year participating, and once again I’ve got my concept all ready to go.

Recording (and, ideally, composition) is not to begin before the clock strikes midnight on February 1, so I’ve been devoting my attention to designing my cover art. At this point I have the front cover ready to go (pending the inevitable tinkering between now and February 28). Here it is!

Anagrammatic Pseudonyms cover

Bonus points for anyone who knows what city’s transit system this design is patterned after. And extra double secret points for anyone who can correctly determine why I chose the Interstate numbers that I did. (Welcome, road geeks! And yes, I know there’s no logical reason for an I-176 spur off of I-99. No points for that.)