Better late than never

This is the kind of stuff I have been hoping for from the media for the past 8 years. Better late than never, I guess. Then again, imagine what sorts of disasters might have been avoided if more people with the ears of the nation would actually call out the incompetence of our leadership.

Of course, we also have Wolf Blitzer’s wishy-washy response here. But I was heartened by a comment he made last night after interviewing Joe Biden post-debate. He said (and I’m paraphrasing a bit here) “It would be nice if we could also get Sarah Palin but I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Attention, CNN: this is not “Breaking News”

Although it’s becoming less and less clear to me exactly why I am doing this, I still jump over to several times a day to see what’s happening (or what they think, in their now tragically questionable judgment, is worth identifying as “happening”). Probably because it’s the first item in the predefined News bookmark menu in Safari, which (again, for reasons I can no longer understand) I have left unaltered in my bookmarks bar.

I think things may have finally gone too far today though. When I got to the page I was greeted with this giant “Breaking News” banner:

Wow. Really? Lame Duck Bush giving a rousing endorsement to his party’s nominee? No friggin’ way! Please. How about “Breaking News: We’re Totally Irrelevant!” There you go. Now that’s a news flash. (For themselves, at least.)