Sleep is now available

We all need more Sleep, right? Now you can download my latest album for free from Bandcamp.

Sleep began as a concept for my 6-year-old daughter. Last November, she asked me to record an album for her to listen to as she fell asleep. The first track I recorded at the time was what became “Rapid Eye Movement,” and she immediately declared it a failure… it was too creepy for her to fall asleep to, she said.

I quickly realized that any album I made about the concept of sleep was going to veer off into dark and mysterious territory not suitable for peacefully lulling a 6-year-old off into dreamland. And maybe that’s the point. Sleep is not just peaceful rest. It’s a dark and strange landscape where our minds confront their deepest fears and desires, where our subconscious comes out to play… or to wreak havoc. Sure, there are also moments of peace and bliss, but sleep is many different things, sometimes all at once. This album seeks to capture the essence of sleep in all its complexity.

After my daughter wrote off the album, I largely did too. Or so I thought. But over a period of months I accumulated a grab bag of musical sketches and partially-complete tracks, composed primarily late at night on my iPad as I lie awake in bed. Then in mid-June, my 9-year-old son drew a surreal picture he called “The Super Weird Face.” It had a strange, dream- (or nightmare-) like quality. Immediately I knew it was the cover art for the album, and it inspired me to collect all of these stray musical ideas I had been working on and turn them into the final collection of 17 tracks that comprise the finished album.

My one sentence summary is this: The album is a sonic journey into, through, and out of the landscape of sleep and dreams.

Please have a listen and let me know what you think! (If you really like it, you can also buy the CD for $8.99 from Kunaki.)

Front cover art

Insert art

Jewel case back tray art

CD print art

The new CDs are here! The new CDs are here!!!

OK, I hope it’s not as pathetic as Navin Johnson, but UPS just delivered my new order of CDs from Kunaki. I ordered five more copies of ÷0, three more copies of Unnatural Disasters, plus twelve copies of my latest, Mellotronic: Far Out Sounds! (And Other Space-Age Hyperbole).

I have to say, Mellotronic turned out pretty well. I’m really proud of the design on this one.

Granted, this is probably four, two, and eleven copies, respectively, more than I’ll ever actually need but, you know, positive thinking. (And right now there are more commas in that sentence than potential buyers of my music. No, Scott… think positive[ly].)

The upshot is that now you have an additional option for purchasing these albums (since I know you want to! [positive])… you can order the CDs from Kunaki, download them (some of them, anyway), or you can buy them directly from me, if you happen to be within a several-foot radius of where I currently am.