“Justification for Higher Education” (but not a career in education)

An old high school friend just emailed me this image. Back in school, one of our math teachers (who was not terribly passionate about his job, nor well-liked by the students) had this poster on the wall in his classroom. I think it may also have been “enhanced” with blinking red LEDs in the positions of the car taillights. At any rate, as a teenager, I somehow was never struck by the irony of an underpaid, under-appreciated, and professionally underwhelming high school math teacher displaying this poster.

It’s not that I agree with the poster’s sentiments. I think it’s pretty asinine, and certainly not my life’s aspiration anyway. But still. Who in that classroom had a higher education? Enough said.

Then again, maybe he was intending to be ironic. If so, Alanis Morrisette could take a lesson.