Cover art revised

I liked the look of my Anagrammatic Pseudonyms cover art, but I realized it just didn’t look that much like a real publication. The map design was cool, but you’d never get a publication that just had the map like that, with the map part itself full-bleed on the page and no micro-text at the bottom. So this revised design is an attempt to remedy that. I also changed the creases to make it look like a tri-fold. See if you can spot all of the changes from the original!

Anagrammatic Pseudonyms cover (revised)

Mellotronic EP cover art!

Mellotronic: Far Out Sounds! (And Other Space-Age Hyperbole) front coverI’ve just finished designing the cover art for my new EP, Mellotronic: Far Out Sounds! (And Other Space-Age Hyperbole), and I just wanted to share it.

The EP is a tribute to the Mellotron, and features extensive use of the instrument. (OK, it’s really a software instrument with meticulous digital samples of real Mellotrons, but take the Pepsi Challenge if you care.) You can learn more, and listen once the tracks are completed, on the dedicated page.

Also… I’m looking for a high-quality scan of one of those old 45 RPM adapters, the kind that sticks right into the big hole in the record. I haven’t found any online yet, and darned if I can scrounge up an actual one in the basement to scan myself. I can live without it, but I would really like to have one to incorporate into the package art if possible. Anyone?