Beep for Breakfast ×2!

Regular reader(s) of this blog will remember my quest last year to acquire a “Beep for Breakfast” cup like the one my grandfather had on his basement sink when I was a kid.

The quest came to a conclusion just under a year ago when an anonymous benefactor (who, it turned out, was one of the regular reader[s] himself) bought one on eBay and sent it to me.

I was thrilled to receive the cup, identical to the one I remembered. I was even more thrilled a couple weeks ago when, while sorting through the mountain of crap I’ve indiscriminately accumulated in my basement, I found the original cup my grandfather had owned — I actually did have it all along!

Beep for Breakfast ×2

I suppose it is now my duty to pass on one of these cups to another nostalgic fool such as myself. But I think I’ll just horde them both, thank you very much.

By the way, Grandpa’s cup is on the left. I have no idea how he kept it so pristine for all those years decades. Oh wait, yes I do. This is the same guy who neatly folded cereal boxes and carefully filed them in the trashcan. His trash was neater than anything in my house.

Beep for Breakfast!

A package was waiting for me in the mailbox today. It was from someone I don’t know — at least, someone I don’t think I know (and if I do know you, sorry!) — sent from a city I’ve never visited. I opened it with some trepidation, though the anthrax scare and my own quasi-cyberstalker are distant enough memories that I wasn’t too worried. I assumed it was my Obama car magnet, though I wondered a bit why they’d roll up the magnet to send in a roughly 3×3×8 inch box, instead of just a flat envelope.

I was totally, utterly shocked when I opened it and discovered what was actually inside. It was none other than — well, OK, the surprise has already been ruined by the accompanying photo — a Beep for Breakfast cup, just like the one I remembered my grandfather keeping on the edge of his basement sink, so many years ago!

About three months ago, I put out a call to help me locate just such a cup, but I had mostly put it out of my mind, and certainly never expected one to randomly appear at my doorstep one day!

I’m still a bit perplexed as to how the sender obtained my address. (Well, not too perplexed, because I know how I’d have gone about finding it, and it probably wouldn’t have been terribly difficult.) But I’m glad they did!

To the sender (whose identity I will keep to myself), thanks!

Please help me track down a “Beep for Breakfast” cup!

I distinctly remember as a kid in the early ’80s that my grandfather had a little plastic cup next to the sink in his basement that had a bird on it and said “Beep for Breakfast.” I had no idea what it meant, but I thought it was cool because I was big into Looney Tunes and I equated the bird and the “beep” to the Road Runner.

Apparently, “Beep for Breakfast” was the slogan of a Tang-wannabe drink called Beep, which is still available in Canada. But try as I might I cannot find an image of the “Beep for Breakfast” cup online, only some vague references to the slogan.

If you own one of these cups, or have seen an image of one online, please post a comment below!