A Bernie cutout done right

This meme is already dead, but I needed a decent version of the Bernie cutout for something I’m working on, and every one I’ve come across so far is really sloppily done. Too much reliance on the magic wand tool; not enough attention to the finer details. Granted, the flyaway hair on top of his head is almost impossible to deal with, but I’ve seen some of these that cut off the bottom of his shoe or are missing part of the crossbar on the bottom of the chair. Come on, people!

So, I went out and found the highest-resolution version of the original photo I could, and I did my own cutout — entirely by hand, the way it needs to be done if you want it done right.

I’ve saved it as a PNG so it has a transparent background. Feel free to take this and use it as you see fit!

Bernie cutout

Photo credit: Brendan Smialowski.